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Stackable Power. Perfect Communication.

Pylontech is the best battery storage system we have ever tested, and we can’t wait for you to try it and see for yourself.

But really, what’s better? Lots of things. Here are the key points:

1. Full integration and seamless communication with Victron and other inverter equipment.

Batteries are only as good as the gear they work with. These batteries become the primary overseer of the power system.

2. Very large and in-charge manufacturer that packs a punch on the global energy storage market.

We are not talking about a small, here-today-gone-tomorrow company. These products are very reliable, and their global consumer base is fast-growing.

3. Fantastic battery management system (BMS).

This is a fully protected battery with lots of details that really matter when it comes to performance, remote access, and backward compatibility.

4. Pylontech manufactures its own battery cells.

If we’re talking about passion for quality control and a reputation for reliable, affordable battery products, Pylontech is one of the world’s top suppliers of lithium-ion battery storage.

5. Straight-forward warranty and product integration.

We'll handle the warranty for you and advise on the initial setup of your system. Our customers only want the best, and this is it.

Why do we recommend Pylontech lithium batteries? After three years of selling, supporting, and remotely monitoring Victron-Pylontech power systems, we continue to be impressed by this battery-inverter combination's performance, design flexibility, and reliability. In this video, Mike gives an overview of Pylontech's 48V rack-mount battery and dives into the more nuanced capabilities of Pylontech's battery management system. 

Recent Technical Articles

  • What’s Inside Pylontech’s Battery Storage Cabinet?

    What’s Inside Pylontech’s Battery Storage Cabinet?

    Pylontech's IP55-rated metal battery cabinet includes the cabling to connect batteries in parallel and to supply 240A of power to your off-grid or battery backup system. A disconnect switch, intake and exhaust fans and other features make this an ideal solution for safe, secure battery storage. 
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  • Victron’s DVCC Function Explained

    Victron’s DVCC Function Explained

    Victron's DVCC function is simple, powerful, and at first glance, confusing. In this article, we’ll discuss what it is and how it works to coordinate systems-level control over multiple charging sources to manage a lithium battery bank.


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Recent Case Studies

As Polar Bears Test the Ice, This Mobile Research Station is Camera-ready

As Polar Bears Test the Ice, This Mobile Research Station is Camera-ready

Take a tour inside Tundra Buggy One, the mobile research vehicle and broadcast studio used by Polar Bears International to study polar bears and share their story with the world. A new bank of eight Pylontech 12.8V 100Ah LiFePO4 batteries and a Cerbo GX device now provide a robust power supply and remote monitoring capabilities in one of the most extreme environments on the planet.

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Snow mobilers at Sugar Loaf Lodge and Cabins

Wilderness Adventure in Montana...With All the Comforts of Home

Sugar Loaf Lodge & Cabins accommodates up to forty guests – in the Montana wilderness – with all the comforts of home. Their new off-grid power system includes 12 Lithium-ion rack-mount Pylontech 3,000C 48 Volt batteries with over 40Kw of storage, tripling the nameplate capacity of the battery bank and doubling the output and charging potential of their Victron Quattro inverter/charger, all while reducing generator run time and saving money on propane.

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Top-Ranking Battery for Residential Use

Top-Ranking Battery for Residential Use

Pylontech was ranked the #1 supplier of lithium battery storage worldwide by S&P Global Commodity Insights for 2022.

Pylontech provides reliable and affordable ESS battery products and solutions to the global market. Learn why we recommend the use of Pylontech batteries with Victron power systems.

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Lithium-Ion Battery Testing Report

Lithium-Ion Battery Testing Report

With funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, the Lithium-Ion Battery Test Centre program involves performance testing of conventional and emerging battery technologies, among them Pylontech products. The aim of testing is to independently verify battery performance against manufacturers’ claims. This report, earlier reports, and live test results are published at

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