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Pylontech Pelio 48V LiFePO4 Battery

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  • Pylontech's Pelio-L-5.12 is a modular 5.12KWh, 100Ah lithium battery suitable for a wide range of home standby and off-grid applications. As a standalone unit, it offers exceptional quality, reliability, and energy density in a sleek, easy-to-scale design. 

    In addition to the powerful direct communications features with Victron equipment via a GX device, the Pelio's Battery Management System (BMS) can be directly connected and accessed via WiFi, allowing for remote monitoring and troubleshooting. This feature enables professional installers to provide unprecedented levels of customer support. 

    Key features: 

    • IP65-rated, self-contained design with internal plug connections stacks up to 4 units high and mounts anywhere, indoors or out.
    • Advanced BMS monitors and protects from over-charge/discharge, excess current, and high/low temperatures, while managing the allow-to-charge/discharge state, balance, and voltage of each individual cell.
    • CAN bus protocol for closed-loop communication.
    • Seamless integration with Victron GX devices.
    • Integrated soft-start function.
    • Long life span, offering up to 8,000 cycles at 95% depth of discharge.
    • Connect up to 20 batteries in parallel for 102.4 kWh.
    • Backward compatible; upgrade capacity in the future by simply adding new modules to an existing bank.
    • Robust 10-year warranty.
    • UL 1973 Certified.

    In 2022, Pylontech was ranked the No.1 residential battery energy provider globally. Read why we recommend Pylontech for off-grid and battery backup systems using Victron Energy equipment.

  • Thanks to the closed-loop communication between Pylontech batteries and Victron power systems, via a Victron Cerbo GX device, critical data associated with battery health and performance is shared with the rest of the system to ensure that the batteries stay balanced and appropriately charged. When your lithium battery bank is communicating with the rest of the system in this way, it's very difficult to damage your batteries by overcharging them and as the batteries age - as all batteries do - the system will make the necessary changes to ensure the longest life possible.

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How this off-grid prepper powers his home & greenhouse

Marty and Leslie use Victron Energy equipment to power their off-grid house and a 3-phase system for a lumber equipment business. He has lots of solar energy and will use excess power to heat underground water-fed pipes in his greenhouses to grow fruit and vegetables year-round. Not your average homesteaders, Marty and Leslie show what's possible to do with Victron Energy equipment, a large Pylontech battery bank, and a whole lot of hard work!

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