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Pylontech 12V 100Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate battery

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  • Pylontech's 12.8V 100Ah 1280Wh LiFePO4 battery is ideal for marine, vehicle and RV applications. The RT12100G31 is an ideal solution for portal power storage, external enclosures, and a drop-in replacement for AGM or lead-acid batteries. 

    With an impressive lifespan of more than 4000 cycles, 100A continuous discharge current, and a wide range of working operating temperatures of -4°F - 140°F, the Pylontech RT12100 is our recommendation for those needing a small, lightweight lithium iron phosphate battery with excellent built-in communications, a highly reliable BMS, and straightforward integration with Victron Energy equipment. 


    Looking for the ideal lithium battery for your application? We're here to help. 

  • Small footprint, high performance  

    Compared to lead-acid batteries with the same capacity, the Pylontech RT12100 offers twice the usable capacity and more than three times the life cycle, with only 40% of the weight. (Dimensions: L 12.8 in x W 6.8 in x H 8.9 in, Weight: 28 lb). 

    Waterproof casing

    Rugged IP67 enclosure offers protection against dust, water, and liquids, up to and including immersion in up to one meter of water. 

    Built-in heater

    Below zero temps will damage lithium batteries. Switched on manually, via the app, or with a relay, this battery's built-in heater is a significant value-add for vehicles and portable power storage units operating in environments as cold as -4°F and or left in storage at as low as -40°F. 

    Outstanding BMS

    Unlike many competitors who merely assemble batteries from components made by different manufacturers, Pylontech manufactures its battery cells and the battery management system (BMS). Pylontech's internal BMS carefully monitors and wisely manages the charging/discharging process to ensure cell balancing and prevent damage due to overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent, temperature, or short circuit. 

    Expandable up to 4 in series and 4 in parallel

    this battery's embedded BMS allows for seamless networking of up to 16 Pylontech 12V batteries to create a 48V 400Ah battery bank. 

      • The combination of Pylontech lithium batteries and Victron inverters has been tested and certified by both Victron and Pylontech R&D departments. The RT12100G31 communicates with the Cerbo GX via the BMS type A cable. When connected, the battery is recognized as a Victron-compatible device and populates on the device list, just like your Victron charge controller or inverter. 

        For those already using Victron Energy inverters/chargers, solar charge controllers, and other equipment, the seamless integration and communication with Pylontech batteries offer a great user experience.

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