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Custom vans, motorhomes, off-road adventure and emergency vehicles; all require rugged and reliable power systems. Getting them fixed is a nightmare depending on where you are, and trying to get tech support from your dealer or builder can be like pulling teeth.

Victron is killing it in this market due to the quality of their products and the ability to support them. We add value to the professional and recreational vehicle market through product & design support, competitive pricing, troubleshooting, and remote monitoring.

The next generation of off-grid adventure vehicles.

The next generation of off-grid adventure vehicles.

Vanna Adventure Vans, based in Moorhead, Minnesota, specialize in building truly four-season rigs with full off-grid functionality. Vanna's 48-Volt power systems, second alternator for faster battery charging, and remote monitoring capabilities are taking user experience - and remote technical support - to the next level.

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Victron Energy inverter installation

Why buy from Intelligent Controls? 

Have you ever been in a new $50,000 motor bus with a lithium battery that is shorting out internally and killing the power system while the company you bought it from isn't returning your call? We have. It wasn't fun.

While we've all been tempted by a 'good deal,' cheap or poorly installed equipment always comes at a price.

This is why we only recommend products and integrated solutions that work and for which we can provide excellent support. Who has time to support problematic products? Not us. Who has time for buyer's remorse? Not you!

We'll help you choose products and customize a system that meets your needs, ensures a great user experience, and proves to be a solid investment for many years to come.

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Victron System on VRM

Real-time insights, right in your hand.

How much solar power has your Sprinter van stored this week? What's the state of charge for 100 batteries spread across a fleet of emergency response vehicles? Victron's Remote Management Portal (VRM) is a game-changer for any mobile application, allowing you to remotely monitor critical indicators of your system's performance over time.

We love VRM because it enables us to be right there with our customers—wherever they are—to optimize a power system or quickly diagnose an issue.

Meanwhile, our engineers are getting dangerously good at VRM, allowing us to train and support our network of vehicle builders and outfitters.

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Victron energy mobile power system

Are you a builder, installer or retail business?

As a technical distribution partner for Victron Energy, we bring deep product knowledge and rich resources to support you and your team - at any stage.

Whether it's recommending the right product to your customers, informing a new system’s design, or getting specialized training to install and support systems correctly, we're here to help you to succeed.

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