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Open-source. Endless Opportunity.

RuuviTag sensors actively measure air temperature, humidity, pressure, and motion. 

Designed and assembled in Finland, these wireless sensors take minutes to set up via a mobile app (no pairing needed). In the Ruuvi Station app, users can view real-time and historical data, create unique sensor IDs, and set custom alerts. Hang or screw-mount Ruuvi sensors anywhere you can think of.

This access to live temperature or humidity data from individual Ruuvi sensors provides a reliable and affordable way to integrate weather data into existing remote monitoring systems. 

Ruuvi products are open-source, allowing for an endless number of applications for businesses and individuals alike.

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Monitor Temperature on Victron's Cerbo GX Using Ruuvi Sensors

Did you know you can use the built-in relays on Victron's Cerbo GX device to control things based on temperature using a Ruuvi Bluetooth sensor?