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Right-sizing your generator is finally possible with the Hazt fixed magnet, CAN bus controlled generator. Adjustable RPM allows for lower emissions and maintenance costs compared to traditional generator setups.

Small in footprint and incredibly fuel-efficient, the fiPMG is a game-changer for smaller generator systems; whether powering hybrid light towers, a small home in a snowstorm, or critical equipment on emergency vehicles, this compact diesel generator ensures that the necessary power is always available.

Thanks to a recent collaboration between the Hatz and Victron Energy R&D teams, a simple CAN bus network connection can now be used to control generator start/stop from a Cerbo GX or other Victron GX device.

Add a Hatz generator to the device list on the Victron Remote Management (VRM) portal to start data logging key operational parameters. From VRM, system owners will be able to monitor equipment performance and better coordinate routine maintenance or service calls from anywhere in the world. Have a question about your application? Just ask our team.

Hatz fiPMG diesel generator
Hatz fiPMG diesel generator Hatz fiPMG Diesel Generator

Hatz fiPMG Diesel Generator

Original price $5,999.00 - Original price $5,999.00
Original price
$5,999.00 - $5,999.00
$5,999.00 - $5,999.00
Current price $5,999.00

Why not charge your battery bank directly off of DC power? The fiPMG is a game-changer for smaller generator systems. Whether powering solar light ...

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