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Our Mission

To provide comprehensive, creative solutions for your energy storage needs.

About Us

At Intelligent Controls, we specialize in working with OEMs, builders, and retail businesses to provide them with the best technology options available for the off grid, solar, mobile, security, and energy storage markets.

In contrast to our competition, we are committed to our very limited line of manufacturers: VictronPylontechBYD Battery-Box, and Ruuvi. Why? Because they're the best you can buy in independent electric power, battery storage, and remote monitoring markets, hands-down.

And this is one of our strengths, as having technical expertise in these product lines along with practical, hands-on experience leads to efficient and creative problem-solving.

For our customers, working with a limited number of high-quality brands that cover all bases means having one contact for upgrades or resolving rare issues that may occur.

We go deep into what we know and even as we keep learning, we keep uncovering new and innovative ways to accomplish your mission. Working with the best minds in the industry has significant advantages. We’re free to focus on solving today’s design challenges, helping to plan your next project, and building long-term relationships in a way that few companies can.

Our sales are the natural result of solving problems well and we can’t wait to work with you on whatever dream keeps you up at night.

Aaron G. Hanson,

Owner, Intelligent Controls

Our Vision

Our Vision

1. To grow as an industry leader in energy systems and to work with like-minded partners  

2. Commitment to iterative evaluation and improvement in everything we do. 

3. Provide consistent, relationally-focused services that result in customer recommendations to their family and friends, vendors that are eager to partner with us, and employees who are proud of the work that they do.

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