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Pylontech 12V LiFePO4 Battery

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Original price $1,100.00
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Current price $749.00

Bring your mobile application into the 21st century and throw away your shunt with a modern, drop-in battery. Pylontech’s RT12100G31 has it all: It’s waterproof, has an internal heater, and communicates critical battery information directly from the BMS with closed-loop communication, just like Pylontech’s 24V and 48V models

Key differentiators: 

  • Long lifespan: rated at 4,500 cycles at a 95% depth of discharge.
  • Compact & lightweight: At 27 lbs, this battery is designed for use in RVs, fifth wheels, vans, boats, and trailer-mounted power systems where space and weight are at a premium.
  • Rugged enclosure: IP67-rated enclosure protects the battery from dents, dust, and water without a separate battery box. Snap-down carry-handle makes for easy transport. 
  • Fantastic BMS: Built-in battery management system is highly reliable and facilitates excellent communication with Victron and other top-tier inverter/chargers. Thow away your shunt!
  • Expandable power: Connect up to 16 batteries in parallel for 20.5kW of power. 
  • Seamless integration with Victron Energy: Pylontech batteries communicate via CAN bus, forcing ON Victron’s DVCC function and enabling the batteries to charge and discharge precisely as dictated by the BMS. 
  • Low-temp protections: Using the built-in heater, the battery will automatically protect it’s self from freezing temperatures below it’s discharge rating. For further control, the built-in heating element can be activated automatically or manually via dry contact, CAN bus, or Bluetooth.

Connecting this battery to a Victron Energy system? We’ve already built the coms cable for you. Purchase it here.

Download the RT12100G31 Datasheet

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