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Pylontech UP2500 24V Lithium Battery

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The UP2500 is Pylontech’s 24V, 2.8kWh rack-mount lithium battery, ideal for use in battery backup systems for network and telecom security applications, as well as any system requiring 24V DC power, such as mobile RV applications. A single 24V battery is a superior option for balancing and cabling rather than creating a 24V bank from 12V batteries. The UP2500 is ideally sized for many existing 24V systems, while its ability to scale means it can adapt to a wide variety of system sizes.

Key Features

  • Advanced BMS monitors and protects from over-charge/discharge, excess current, and high/low temperatures while managing the allow-to-charge/discharge state, balance, and voltage of each individual cell.
  • CAN bus protocol for closed-loop communication.
  • Seamless integration with Victron GX devices.
  • Long life span, offering up to 6,000 cycles at 90% depth of discharge. 
  • Stack up to 20 units in parallel for 56.8kWh.
  • Backward compatible; upgrade capacity in the future by simply adding new modules to an existing bank.
  • Native 24V for easy mobile usage.
  • Integral mounting tabs ensure compatibility with standard 19" server racks.

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Marty and Leslie use Victron Energy equipment to power their off-grid house and a 3-phase system for a lumber equipment business. He has lots of solar energy and will use excess power to heat underground water-fed pipes in his greenhouses to grow fruit and vegetables year-round. Not your average homesteaders, Marty and Leslie show what's possible to do with Victron Energy equipment, a large Pylontech battery bank, and a whole lot of hard work!

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