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Pylontech UP2500 24V Lithium Battery

Original price $1,650.00
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Original price $1,650.00
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Current price $1,195.00

Many modern mobile power systems can benefit from the higher power delivery of 24V. Pylontech's 24V UP2500 offers all the same system integration and technology of more popular higher-voltage systems in a turn-key package that doesn’t require a series connection. 

Take your mobile power system to the next level with closed-loop communication. Plug-and-play with Victron Energy, the best inverters on the market. Pylontech’s 24V LiFePO4 battery can be installed in a rack, a drawer, or a cabinet to deliver reliable power for many years. 

Key differentiators: 

  • Long lifespan: 6,000 cycles at 90% depth of discharge. 
  • Expandable power: Connect up to 20 units in parallel for 56.8kWh.
  • Fantastic BMS: Pylontech’s battery management system (BMS) is highly reliable and facilitates excellent communication with top-tier inverter/chargers. Yes, you can finally throw away your shunt!
  • Full integration: Victron Energy and Pylontech are officially integrated and supported by both companies. Seamless communicate via CAN bus forces ON Victron’s DVCC function and enables the batteries to charge and discharge precisely, as dictated by the BMS. 

Download the UP2500 Datasheet

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