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Hybrid Generators

Hybrid generator systems offer clean, uninterrupted power while significantly reducing fuel consumption, pollution, noise, and maintenance expenses. Victron Energy is a global leader in this market with a product mix of high-performance inverter/chargers, lithium batteries, solar chargers, and other products that optimize system performance. 

Intelligent Controls supports OEMs in introducing Victron Energy components into their hybrid generator system. We'll work with your team to develop and test robust hybrid generator systems of any size. Whether you're looking to fast-track your design-build process, reduce your parts count, or take your production to scale, we have the know-how and experience to help get you there.

Optimize your fleet - from anywhere.

Optimize your fleet - from anywhere.

Connecting a Cerbo GX to a hybrid generator system, enables access to Victron remote monitoring, VRM.

VRM offers an incredible perspective on the performance of one - or hundreds - of hybrid generator systems in the field, as well as the ability to proactively manage their maintenance. Use VRM to, for example: 

  • Monitor individual hybrid generator systems at a glance, including their tank levels, temperatures and location from wherever you are.
  • See real-time and historical data for connected devices and diagnose issues remotely. 
  • Control and plan generator run times or optimize any setting remotely. 
  • Receive push notifications on custom alarm triggers to prevent issues from happening.
Right-size your generator

Right-size your generator

Communication options within the Hatz fiPMG put this small diesel generator in a league of its own - especially when working in harmony with a Victron inverter/charger and a communicating lithium battery bank.

Thanks to intelligent CAN & RS485 connections the generator controls, the battery management systems can ask the DC generator to charge the batteries when needed and according to the bank's unique charging parameters.

The fiPMG, coupled with Victron components and Pylontech batteries, further maximizes system efficiency and significantly lowers fuel and maintenance costs compared to traditional generator setups.

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Why buy from Intelligent Controls? 

Why buy from Intelligent Controls? 

Victron Energy makes intelligent products, and we add value by providing cohesive solutions within the product line to provide the best possible technology and design solutions.

Our customers aren't forwarded to a call center; they're connected to real people with deep technical knowledge and a network of professional Victron installers and vendors to draw on.

We'll help you choose the right products, design a robust, worry-free system, and optimize them to meet your unique needs while avoiding costly mistakes.

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How Does the Hatz fiPMG Compare to Most Off-grid Generators?

How Does the Hatz fiPMG Compare to Most Off-grid Generators?

Is a DC generator advantageous in off-grid or mobile power systems? In this article we compare the DC Hatz fiPMG generator with a popular AC generator option, the 14kW Kholer. 

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