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Security & Telecom Systems

Victron and high-tech security systems need to meet more often. These systems are often in remote locations where a site visit could cost thousands of dollars. These power solutions need to be incredibly tough, reliable, and easily monitored or adjusted from afar.

Our products and solutions come together to create networks of security and telecom systems that meet that quickly outperform the competition.

When failure is not an option.

A solar battery-charged camera system is mounted atop a fire lookout station to report a fire and track the progress of a burning fire. If that camera fails, we may not know there is a fire coming. Remote security and telecom systems can do so much for us. But missteps are a no-go. These systems must work, day in and day out.

The GX LTE 4G module paired with the Cerbo GX enables intelligent system interaction from a smartphone or computer from anywhere. Also, the Cerbo GX can be programmed with Node RED and sync up with other open source platforms to create a whole universe of custom solutions.  

Why buy from Intelligent Controls? 

Why buy from Intelligent Controls? 

Designing solutions around new technology can be incredibly challenging - especially in the telecom and security industry where stakes are high.

We only work with manufacturers that we trust, whose products we have tested ourselves, and which have an outstanding track record when it comes to quality control and successful, global installation.

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Solid data. Smarter use of your time and resources.

Solid data. Smarter use of your time and resources.

The health of a battery on a remote power system is often the most critical indicator of how long that system will last. One of our talented customers designs and installs wildlife camera systems across the US and Canada for research and education purposes. Many of these systems are in remote and hard-to-reach places. They simply need to work - for years - without supervision or site visits.

Introducing Victron charge controls, a Cerbo GX, and a SmartShunt into these systems not only makes this possible, it has saved a tremendous amount of time, worry, and expense.

From the Victron Remote Management portal (VRM), system performance data for all 20 Victron-powered camera systems can be viewed at a glance. Problems are immediately apparent, helping the team make timely decisions, such as adding a second solar panel at the following site visit or replacing a poor-performing battery.

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Are you a builder, installer or retail business?

Are you a builder, installer or retail business?

As a technical distribution partner for Victron Energy, we bring deep product knowledge and rich resources to support you and your team - at any stage.

Whether, it's recommending the right product to your customers, informing a new system’s design, or getting specialized training to install and support systems correctly, we're here to help you to succeed.

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