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Traffic Management

Mobile traffic signs, message boards, or trailer-mounted lights may seem simple at first glance, but there is much more than meets the eye.

This critical equipment directs traffic, reduces accidents, and can save lives. As the cost of downtime or the risk of failure is unacceptable, innovations in this market have been slow.

By adding remote monitoring capabilities, intelligent batteries, and charge controllers, we're helping companies lengthen system lifespans and increase reliability.

This is a revolution for the traffic management market and the people who build, service, and depend on this equipment.

Top performance in the most demanding conditions.

Top performance in the most demanding conditions.

Mobile and trailer-mounted power systems are often exposed to the worst weather conditions, vandalism, and less-than-ideal maintenance conditions. For those in charge of monitoring and maintaining ten or ten thousand such systems across the country, the ability to use products like the GlobalLink 520 to communicate with Victron's Remote Management (VRM) portal offers massive time and labor savings.

We work with innovative businesses in the outdoor solar lighting and traffic management markets to develop robust solutions to any off-grid power challenge.

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Track and support your power systems—from anywhere.

Track and support your power systems—from anywhere.

Our mission for the traffic management market has primarily revolved around upgrading existing systems to provide remote monitoring.

Victron's remote management portal allows your team to analyze & diagnose issues, make changes to the settings or update firmware - without ever visiting the equipment on site.

With this powerful tool, our partners are breaking new ground in the traffic management market.

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Are you an OEM or retail business?

Are you an OEM or retail business?

As a technical distribution partner for Victron Energy, we bring deep product knowledge and rich resources to support you and your team - at any stage.

Whether it's testing new components for a power system's design or getting core competency training to install and support systems, we're here to help you to succeed.

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