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What would you do for a mountain view?

Brandon and his family live on a mountain peak in southwest Montana. Accessible by car just four months out of the year, their Victron Energy power system enables them to live here year-round. Their next family project? Building a small backcountry B&B and restaurant for skiers and other winter sports enthusiasts.

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3,000 Watt Off-grid Inverter/Charger System

Customizable Solutions. Peace of Mind.

At Intelligent Controls, we’ll help you design the most reliable and efficient backup and off-grid energy system possible—whether it’s powering your home, camper van, or critical equipment in the field. We understand that each application and its energy storage requirements are different. Our team will work directly with you to create a customized solution that fits your needs.

This small cabin power system includes:

- A 48V DC 3000VA 120V AC Quattro inverter/charger

- 2 Lithium ion rack-mount 48V Pylontech batteries, 6.8Kw of power

- A 60A SmartSolar charge controller, 3,000+ W of solar PV

- Cerbo GX system control

- GX Touch display

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Intelligent Controls Receives Victron's High-Performing Distributor Award

Intelligent Controls Receives Victron's High-Performing Distributor Award

During their 2021 training tour across the US, our friends at Victron Energy honored Intelligent Controls Owner, Aaron Hanson, with an award in recognition of outstanding commitment and sales performance. Cheers to another year of great work together!

About Us

How do we add value to the products we distribute?

Our team offers experience and expertise in supplying you with the best backup and off-grid energy system products that fit your specific setting. We’ll help you find the best products for your application and fast-track your design-build process, so you can get set up and running faster without compromising performance. From the initial phone call to resolving challenges in the field, we’ll be with you every step to ensure you get the ideal solution for your energy storage needs.

Find the right product

Send us a description of your use case and we'll follow up with a phone conversation to learn more.

Review your design

Our engineers will work with you to develop and test the best possible solution at no additional cost.

Initial setup & programming

Thanks to Victron's remote monitoring capabilities, this can be done over a phone call and old-fashioned file-sharing.

Direct supply line

Our warehouse is always stocked with the most popular items.

Set up warranty

We work with you directly to select components for your system, making troubleshooting and warranty conversations very straightforward.

Backup and Off-Grid Energy Systems

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