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DC-DC converters

The Zeus by ARCO is an advanced alternator regulator for 12-48V systems. Wireless Bluetooth communication to ARCO mobile app enables easy setup, real-time monitoring, firmware updates and more. Receive on-the-fly performance feedback, adjust engine load parameter adjustments, and share historical data straight from the mobile app. Compatible with Victron Energy equipment, the Zeus can also connected to a Victron GX device via Ve.Can to view live performance. 

Victron's Orion series of DC-DC converters are a highly functional set of DC charger and power supply units. When dealing with systems of different voltages these units provide up and down conversion of voltages (for example: a 12V starter and a 24V service battery in your RV, van conversion, or boat).

The Orion DC DC charger has an internal detection function to only pull charge from your starter battery while the engine is running. These versatile units also provide remote on/off relay to provide control under a variety of other conditions like powering specific DC systems only when your Inverter has an active AC input (shore power), or to control the unit via your vehicle's ignition circuit.

We also have specific “isolated” units that allow for DC-DC connections with independent grounding. Orion DC-DC converters only function as a power supply and are available in a range of step up or step down voltages to match your requirements.

Check out the entire selection and find a unit that helps meet your DC power needs. Have a question for our team? Just ask.