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Zeus High-Energy Alternator Regulator

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The Zeus by ARCO is an advanced alternator regulator that provides real-time feedback with the mobile app. It intelligently optimizes both alternator control and battery charging. Onboard Bluetooth connectivity allows for on-the-fly performance feedback, engine load parameter adjustments, and access to historical data.

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The Zeus supports 12, 24, 36, and 48V power systems. Compatible with LiFePO4, AGM and lead acid batteries. Choose from pre-set charge algorithms or fully customize the voltage, current, and temperature parameters using the ARCO app. 

Need help or have a question down the road? It's easy to share your data logs to identify problems, tweak settings, and reduce system downtime. 

Stand-out features

  • Wireless Bluetooth communication to mobile app for easy setup, real-time monitoring, and firmware updates. 
  • Choose from pre-set charge profiles or dial in specific parameters to meet your battery's particular requirements. 
  • NMEA 2000 connector or CAN-Bus via RJ45 allow full integration into your existing systems.  
  • Connect to a Victron GX device via Ve.Can to view live performance.
  • Measures SOC and can act as a stand-alone battery monitor.
  • Generator Mode maximizes the alternator's output when the transmission is in park, effectively replenishing your battery bank. 
  • Dedicated disconnect input from external BMS.
  • Includes battery and alternator temperature probes.
  • Harness compatible with N & P type alternators.
  • Create alternator output RPM curves in real-time on the mobile app.
  • Monitor a second battery shunt.
  • Zeus includes 2 thermistors, alternator and battery harnesses.

Download the Datasheet

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