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Your power system should be a complete thought.

Intelligent Controls is a technical distribution partner for Victron Energy

Victron already offers unlimited configurations and design options for grid-independent power systems. 

Victron's R&D department works closely with manufacturers like Pylontech, BYD Battery-Box, and Ruuvi to create new integrations that reveal even more opportunity for customization, controls, and scalability.

Because Victron power systems can be customized to such a high degree—not only through programming but also through the vast number of product options—it's helpful to speak with our engineers and technicians about your application.

We'll fast-track your design-build process by working with you to consider software options, reduce your parts count, make use of built-in hardware, improve reliability, troubleshoot problems, or offer fresh perspective on your latest design challenge. (Well, that sure seems like a lot of wins.)

A tremendous amount of practical knowledge is available to our customers, and as your technical understanding of these products accelerates, so do the results. And that's what makes being your Victron distributor so much fun.

Looking for product or technical advice?

Let's talk

How do we add value to the products we distribute?

Find the right product

Send us a description of your use case and we'll follow up with a phone conversation to learn more.

Review your design

Our engineers will work with you to develop and test the best possible solution at no additional cost.

Initial setup & programming

Thanks to Victron's remote monitoring capabilities, this can be done over a phone call and old-fashioned file-sharing.

Direct supply line

Our warehouse is always stocked with the most popular items.

Set up warranty

We work with you directly to select components for your system, making troubleshooting and warranty conversations very straightforward.

Our Markets

What resources are available for ongoing education?



Victron has made a training curriculum available to anyone who wants to sign up via Victron Professional. A series of free online training videos will open the door for knowledge into Victron’s arsenal of reliable, professional products. Register and start learning at

As a technical distribution partner for Victron Energy, we bring deep product knowledge and rich resources to support you and your team.

From core competency training to install Victron power systems correctly to troubleshooting tips on VRM—we're here to help you to succeed.


Manuals hosts all the manuals and datasheets for each product listed at the bottom of each product page. This is the best place to acquire free manuals and they are quite detailed.

Answers to common questions are often addressed directly in the manual, but we're happy to answer your questions directly as well.

Remote support for installations

Remote support for installations

With the use of GX devices, we are able to remotely access your systems to analyze and diagnose issues. To set up Victron's VRM, you’ll need to go through a few steps.

Once your system is live, you’ll be amazed to see the detailed data generated. It’s even better than what you can visualize and process on-site. The public version of some of these sites can be found on Victron World.