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Pylontech low voltage battery combiner hub

How Many Pylontech Batteries Can Be Connected Together?

Pylontech’s US series batteries are capable of a single string capacity of 16 units under normal operating conditions. However, with one extra piece of gear, this can be extended up to 96 units. This functionality is enabled by their proprietary Low Voltage Combiner Hub. If using US5000 48V batteries, that would provide a whopping 460.8-kilowatt hours of power, all in communication with one another via the combiner hub.

96 Pylontech battery modules in a communicating bank using the Low-voltage battery combiner hub

Why Use an LV Battery Combiner Hub?

The advantages of closed-loop communication and Pylontech’s unique local-global BMS abilities are most often showcased in relatively small, residential-size systems. As scale increases and the requirements for reliability and efficiency reach a level appropriate for C&I applications, these functions become all the more important. 

This is the advantage of the LV-Hub. A large system can now reap all the benefits of Pylontech’s active BMS in conjunction with Victron’s Distributed Voltage and Current Control (DVCC) function. The master BMS in a Pylontech battery bank will monitor the real-time state of every battery to determine exactly how much power will result in the most efficient charging and then request this precise amount from the charge controllers. Should a stack of batteries be taken offline or isolate themselves for any reason, the system will now know to limit discharge current to a level that can be safely provided by the remaining units. If a new battery is swapped in for a defective unit, the BMS will allow that battery to reach SOC parity in real-time, without necessitating a pre-charging or discharging process to achieve balance. All of this functionality is critical for C&I systems and is facilitated by the Low Voltage Hub, providing functionality in a low-voltage system normally reserved for the world of industrial scale high-voltage. 

To learn more about this active management that the Pylontech battery management system provides in real-time, read Active Management: Expect More From Your BMS

Critical Projects Need Critical Support

When you buy a system from Intelligent Controls, you can expect a team of professionals with years of industry experience to be there with you every step of the way. When this system is of the scale that would require a Low Voltage Combiner Hub, this support is all the more important. 

If you have questions about Pylontech batteries or need some more specific support in designing or troubleshooting your power system, you’re welcome to email me directly at

For step-by-step instructions on how to set up a low-voltage hub with Pylontech batteries, watch the video below. 

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