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What’s Inside Pylontech’s Battery Storage Cabinet?

What’s Inside Pylontech’s Battery Storage Cabinet?

Pylontech's latest accessory for their US series of batteries is the new low-voltage Energy Storage Cabinet. Now available in the USA, this IP55-rated metal cabinet adds flexibility and style to your home power system. Priced at $900, it's a bargain compared to the standard flat pack racks and DIY mounting solutions. In this blog, we'll discuss the benefits of a quality cabinet-style enclosure and examine the features packed into this battery storage system. 

Pylontech battery storage cabinet

Why use a battery cabinet?

First, it's helpful to remember that LiFePO4 batteries differ from their traditional lead acid predecessors in terms of storage requirements. With lead-acid batteries, we constantly dealt with off-gassing, which required ventilation. We weren't terribly concerned about insulating lead acid batteries from cold (although their capacity certainly took a hit when exposed to extreme temperatures). Modern Lithium batteries, free from ventilation concerns, can be installed in more locations that are both convenient to access and can be maintained at an optimal temperature. This means that we can now install lithium batteries in insulated, indoor living spaces - not in a shed set apart from the house. (For more on this topic, read How to Manage the Temperature of a Lithium Battery Bank: Heated Lithiums, Relays & Custom Controls)

Pylontech battery cabinet with US5000s

Here's where a stylish, fully enclosed cabinet comes into play. For pets or kids, dangling wires are begging to be played with and should be safely locked away. Moreover, many states require home power installations to pass code inspections.

For those in warmer climates, storing your batteries outdoors on a covered patio might be an option. Of course, rack-mount style batteries aren't designed for outdoor use. An IP-rated enclosure protects your battery bank from adverse weather conditions and unwanted access, making outdoor storage possible.

What sets the Pylontech Battery Cabinet apart?

It's sturdily built with welded seams on all corners, comes fully assembled, and is practically indestructible.

Access to the interior is through a gasketed door with a top and bottom locking system, reminiscent of an entry-level safe.

Inside, a large 240A lockout switch takes center stage, allowing us to isolate the cabinet from the external power system for safe maintenance. 

Pylontech energy storage battery cabinet

A 48V DC-powered fan on a temperature-activated switch facilitates cooling and ventilation.

This fan draws from the bottom of the cabinet and vents out the side. Both the intake and exhaust vents are protected by an air-permeable mesh, and the exhaust fan has a metal covering to prevent moisture ingress. 

The batteries themselves are set on the integral mounting points, allowing 2 Pylontech US5000 batteries per shelf for a total of 19.2kW.

Each cabinet includes the cabling needed to connect all the batteries in parallel and supply 240A of power to the external power system.

The bottom of the cabinet has holes for mounting solidly and directly to the floor. It also comes with mounting brackets and the hardware necessary for anchoring to a concrete wall, if desired.

Lastly, included rainbow straps facilitate easy lifting and moving of the cabinet. 

Available for purchase at $900 per unit, we can ship this cabinet anywhere within the US or surrounding territories. For any questions specific to this product or battery options for your application, send us a message here or contact me directly at

For a live walkaround of the Pylontech Energy Storage Cabinet, watch the video below. 

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