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RuuviTag 4in1 Bluetooth Sensor

Wireless temperature, air humidity, air pressure & movement sensor.

by Ruuvi
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The RuuviTag 4in1 is a wireless, open-source sensor that measures temperature, air humidity, air pressure, and movement. See live measurements and history data directly on your smartphone or tablet using the Ruuvi Station app. 

You might ask, why are you selling IoT temperature and humidity hockey pucks? Well, because a beautiful thing has happened, like a new baby coming into the world. Ruuvi Bluetooth sensors now communicate with Victron Energy's Cerbo GX device. Once connected, they show up very nicely on VRM, Victron's remote monitoring platform, with graphs for temperature, humidity, etc. 

You can now, for example, use relay 2 on the Cerbo GX to turn on the fan in your camper van when the temperature gets above 76 degrees. The low-cost coin battery lasts about 3 years, and the Bluetooth range is impressive. You can place them anywhere (humidor box, guest cabin, freezer, boat hull....go nuts) and set up email alerts in VRM to let you know if something is too wet, hot, or cold.

Our ambulance customers love that they can add medicine refrigeration stats to their VRM reports. The possibilities are endless! One less thing to worry about and one more valuable piece of information in your pocket.

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