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GlobalLink 520

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Current price $227.50

Having insight into your installation is critical to maintaining and operating any off-grid energy system. The GlobalLink 520 brings 4G LTE-M connectivity to all VE.Direct enabled devices.

LTE-M does support handovers and roaming so it is possible to use this device in a moving vehicle like a camper van or trailer-mounted power solution. Check the list in Victron's GlobalLink 520 manual to see if LTE-M is officially confirmed to be available in your area. Coverage is increasing every week as local providers roll out support. Your purchase includes 5 years of connectivity, so there is no need to worry about purchasing a separate data bundle and SIM-card.

The GlobalLink 520 comes with two communication ports, allowing connection with two VE.Direct devices such as a BMV Battery Monitor or an MPPT Solar Charge Controller directly to VRM. With two digital inputs that also act as pulse counters and a remotely controllable relay, it's a perfect solution to monitor and control your installation.

The GlobalLink 520 also communicates with RuuviTag temperature sensors. These wireless, battery-powered sensors connect via Bluetooth and are easy to set up via the VictronConnect app. This allows you to view real-time temperature, humidty, and air pressure data from the RuuviTag sensors from Victron's Remote Management platform (VRM).

Free to use, VRM provides you with online access to your installation anywhere, at any time. In VRM, you can check the status of your connected products, view detailed history graphs of your energy trends, generate detailed analytical reports, and even configure automatic alarms in the event that something goes wrong.

New Ways to Monitor Small Power Systems with Victron's GlobalLink 520 & Ruuvi Sensors

What's the state of charge for each battery in a fleet of 100 emergency response vehicles? Now it's easy to find out.

The GlobalLink 520 offers a low-cost, simple solution for connecting smaller power systems to Victron's Remote Management Portal (VRM). Once added to VRM, you can review the real-time performance of each system, analyze & diagnose issues, and make changes to the settings - right from your phone or laptop. With the most recent Firmware version 2.06, you can now use the GlobalLink's onboard Bluetooth receiver to talk to up to 10 Bluetooth-enabled devices, including Victron SmartSolar charge controllers, SmartShunts, and Ruuvi temperature and humidity sensors.

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