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Luxury Fifth Wheel Camping, Powered by Victron Energy

Luxury Fifth Wheel Camping, Powered by Victron Energy

Russ and Tina are ​getting ready for some​ serious summer of fun in their brand-new Brinkley Model Z 31000 RV. Our friend Ken Smith at Adventure Van Systems recently upgraded their power system using Victron Energy components.


Brinkley Model Z 3100 Luxury Fifth Wheeler


With plans to retire next year and hit the road full-time, they needed a scalable battery-inverter system that would allow them to stay off-grid ​for ​one or two nights - with the flexibility to expand their power system over time.


Brinkley Model Z 3100 Interior & roof

"If you haven't had experience staying off-grid in a van or RV for longer periods, it's difficult to anticipate your power needs," says Ken.​ "We designed a system that would easily run their microwave, refrigerator, lighting, fans, RV levelers, slide-outs, water pump, and other small appliances during the first phase of their travels. A second MultiPlus and additional batteries can be added in parallel to the existing components, allowing the couple to stay off-grid longer and run the air conditioners, a significant power draw."

Watch Ken's walkthrough of the system:

Russ and Tina's system includes the following:

  • 3 x 100Ah 12 Volt Pylontech Lithium batteries provide enough power to run the RV for 48 hours.
  • A 3,000 VA MultiPlus-II inverter charger converts DC power from the battery bank to AC power to run appliances. It also charges batteries with shore power when available.
  • 720 W of solar mounted on the roof of the fifth wheeler.
  • A 50 Amp SmartSolar MPPT solar charge controller converts energy from the solar panels and stores it in the battery bank.
  • An Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC charger connected to the battery and alternator in the tow vehicle maintains and recharges the batteries while driving.
  • A Lynx Distributor consolidates DC charging sources and loads. 
  • A Cerbo GX device is the central communications hub between the battery bank, inverter, and other Victron ​Energy devices. The Cerbo also uploads data to the Victron VRM portal for online system monitoring and provides visual and audible alarms if any system parameter needs attention. 
  • A GX Touch 50 display panel mounted in the RV's control cabinet provides a data display and touchscreen controls for adjusting system parameters.   
  • Ruuvi Bluetooth sensors monitor temperature and humidity in the equipment bay, RV refrigerator, and primary living space. 

The Pylontech lithium battery bank communicates with the Cerbo GX to broadcast battery health data such as voltage, current, state of change, and battery temperature to Victron's free Remote Monitoring portal, VRM.

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Ruuvi Sensors, Pylontech 12V and Cerbo GX device


From the VRM mobile app, Russ and Tina remotely monitor all the indicators of system performance that matter to them - including up-to-date temperature and humidity data from their Ruuvi environmental sensors.


 Brinkley Model Z 3100 on VRM

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For more information about this system or for support with your own van or RV power system installation, get in touch with Adventure Van Systems through their website, or reach out to Ken directly at

About Adventure Van Systems

Adventure Van Systems is a custom van upfitting company specializing in electrical systems, solar power systems, diesel heaters, and plumbing systems. A Victron Energy dealer and installer, Adventure Van Systems saves clients time and money as they design and install mobile power systems to fit their unique applications. Based in Missoula, Montana, Adventure Van Systems work on new installations as well as retrofits and upgrades. Ready-to-install kits and Drop-in systems are also available through their website and can be further customized and pre-programmed before shipment. 

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