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Join Intelligent Controls and Victron Energy this April 2023:

Victron Energy Hands-On Technical Training in Kalispell, MT

Victron Energy Hands-On Technical Training in Kalispell, MT

This full-day training event is designed for new installers as well as seasoned Victron experts looking to enhance their skills, satisfy outstanding questions, and deepen relationships with the Victron team. With registration, you'll be invited to share specific topics and questions you'd like to see addressed through the training.

Friday, April 21, 8:30-4:00

Glacier RV & Solar, Kalispell, MT

Victron Energy Hands-On Technical Training in Bozeman, MT

Victron Energy Hands-On Technical Training in Bozeman, MT

Join us for a jam-packed day of learning with the Victron team in Bozeman. This training is open to new Victron installers as well as seasoned experts. Participants will work in small groups commissioning and troubleshooting live systems designed for RV, camper van, off-grid home, and split-phase applications.

Sunday, April 21 | 8:30-4:00

Gallatin County Fairgrounds, Bozeman, MT


How do we add value to the products we distribute?

Find the right product

Send us a description of your use case and we'll follow up with a phone conversation to learn more.

Review your design

Our engineers will work with you to develop and test the best possible solution at no additional cost.

Initial setup & programming

Thanks to Victron's remote monitoring capabilities, this can be done over a phone call and old-fashioned file-sharing.

Direct supply line

Our warehouse is always stocked with the most popular items.

Set up warranty

We work with you directly to select components for your system, making troubleshooting and warranty conversations very straightforward.

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What resources are available for ongoing education?

Victron Training

Victron Training

Victron's online training curriculum is available is to anyone at These free courses open the door to Victron’s arsenal of reliable, professional products.

As a technical distribution partner for Victron Energy, Intelligent Controls brings deep product knowledge and rich resources to support you and your team.

From core competency training to install Victron power systems correctly to troubleshooting tips on VRM—we're here to help take your business to the next level.

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Product Documentation & Resources

Product Documentation & Resources

Our website hosts the most up-to-date manuals, datasheets, and helpful videos for each Victron Energy product that we carry.

Answers to common questions are almost always addressed in the manual, but we're always happy to address your question directly over email or a quick phone call.

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Snapshot of off-grid power system on VRM

Remote support for installations

With the use of GX devices, we are able to remotely access your systems to analyze and diagnose issues. To set up Victron's VRM, you’ll need to go through a few steps.

Once your system is live, you’ll be amazed to see the detailed data generated. It’s even better than what you can visualize and process on-site. The public version of some of these sites can be found on Victron World.

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