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5,000 Watt Off-grid Inverter/Charger System

Original price $5,300.00 - Original price $5,300.00
Original price
$5,300.00 - $5,300.00
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For local pick-up only

  • 5000 Watt 48vdc Inverter/Charger, 240 Volt input and 120/240 output
  • 450 Volt DC Solar Charger @ 100A (5000+W of solar potential)
  • 2 Wire Generator Auto Start
  • GX Touch display screen with remote access and monitoring
  • Pre-mounted and programmed to your specifications

Price includes wiring and programming for Lithium batteries.

What you're getting:

Pre-wired & assembled system on a plywood mounting base

Pre-wired & assembled system on a plywood mounting base

Assembled and tested in Missoula, Montana by our technicians, these system are built for quick and easy installation. With clear instructions to get powered up, we'll set you up for success.

Cerbo GX and Touch 50

Complete remote access

The GX Touch 50 interactive display screen provides a good overview of your system. Remote access enabled via Victron’s free Remote Monitoring (VRM) service allows you to view system performance, troubleshoot & address issues yourself or by our in-house service tech without being on-site. Think telemedicine for your off-grid system.

Power assist technology

Power assist technology

This is the inverter’s ability to charge your battery at the max amount without compromising your ability to power your home off any generator size.

This could allow your system to run off of smaller, more fuel-efficient generators. It also enables you to maximize the value of the generator's input even with significant home loads. Only Victron inverters can do this. Victron inverters are used in many different applications where this is a significant advantage.

At the end of the day, we're all looking at a very robust inverter/charger that will minimize your generator run time.

Programed for your specific battery bank

Programed for your specific battery bank

This system is compatible with: Lithium-ion, AGM & Flooded Lead Acid Batteries.

Ask us for guidance on battery options.
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