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Victron Energy's Autotransformer can step up voltages from 120V to 240V, or step down from 240V to 120V. This enables the use of Victon's range of 240V-only inverters to be utilized in 120/240V North American systems. It creates 120 Volts out of the 240 Volt input and generates the Neutral at the Auto-Transformer.


Many 120/240V inverters are actually two 120V inverters in the same box and are limited to half the rated full power on each leg. In contrast, a Victron Autotransformer has the advantage of providing full power on either leg of the 120/240V system.


Other uses include: 

  • Balancing the two legs of a 240V generator to feed a 120V inverter. 
  • Balancing the outputs of two separate inverters allows inverter A to assist inverter B.
  • Bringing 120V up to 240V for, say, a water pump circuit on a 120V inverter system.

Beautiful off-grid cabin deep in the woods powered by solar & Victron Energy

Over the last two years, Tim and Cathy have transformed two hunting cabins with no utilities into a comfortable home. Their Victron Energy power system has brought tremendous peace of mind as they've transitioned to living off-grid. Perhaps most importantly, it's kept their mother-in-law Nancy warm and connected to the outside world through the Montana winters.

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