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Hatz fiPMG Diesel Generator

by Hatz
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Why not charge your battery bank directly off of DC power? The fiPMG is a game-changer for smaller generator systems. Whether powering solar light towers through the night or critical equipment on an emergency vehicle, the fiPMG diesel generator ensures that the necessary power is always available, regardless of the battery's charge status. 

Made by German engine manufacturer Hatz, the fiPMG is ideal for hybrid generator systems utilizing an inverter/charger and communicating lithium battery bank. Thanks to an intelligent CAN connection to the generator controls, the battery management systems can ask the DC generator to charge the batteries accurately, meeting their charging parameters directly without going through a separate charger. 

The fiPMG, coupled with Victron components and Pylontech batteries, further maximizes system efficiency and significantly lowers fuel and maintenance costs compared to traditional generator setups.

Stand-out features

  • CAN bus start/stop control allows for full integration into existing systems.
  • Adjustable RPM allows for quieter operation, less wear, lower emissions, and maintenance costs. 
  • Includes 24V or 48V DC power conditioner. Optional 120V AC unit available.
  • Clean AC sine wave, ensuring high voltage and frequency quality. 
  • Compact, lightweight design allows easy integration into existing equipment bays. 
  • Designed for IoT connectivity, fleet management solutions, and cloud environments via mobile communications.
  • US Tier 4 Final and EU Stage V emissions certification allows for a wide range of installations.
  • Pre-assembled and pre-tested drive package for lower assembly and testing costs to manufacturers.
  • Accepts PTO on the backside of engine. 

There are many applications for the Hatz fiPMG - from an auxiliary power supply (AC/DC) for RVs and mobile communications infrastructure to portable hybrid gensets for the rental industry. 

Download the datasheet

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