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Ruuvi Sensor Product & Accessory Walk-through

Ruuvi Sensor Product & Accessory Walk-through

In a previous blog, we talked about the wonderful integration that's now available between Victron's Cerbo GX and the Ruuvi Bluetooth wireless sensors

Now, let's take a few minutes to walk through Ruuvi's main products, including the Ruuvi Gateway Router, the Ruuvi Sensor Measurement Kit, and a few helpful accessories. 

The Ruuvi Tag 4in1 Sensor is an environmental sensor that measures temperature, air humidity, air pressure, and movement. Kinda looks like a hockey puck, doesn't it? 

Ruuvi Tag

These sensors run with a standard coin battery which you can easily replace yourself after 2 to 3 years of operation. They are straightforward to set up, and with the Ruuvi’s free mobile app, you can label each sensor, start reading real-time data, and track those measurements directly on your smartphone. 

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Ruuvi makes a soft silicone cover case that allows you to attach it to any surface using screws, zip-ties, or to hang it from a hook.

RuuviTag in greenhouse

Because the RuuviTag measures air temperature more reliably, and its wireless range is maximized in a vertical orientation, Ruuvi makes a silicone stand for the RuuviTag. This is ideal for placing it on a flat surface. It snaps firmly into place but is easy to take out as needed.

RuuviTag stand

Fun fact: Just because your Ruuvi is communicating with your smartphone does not mean that it has any issue talking to the Cerbo and the Ruuvi Gateway Router simultaneously. If you're already using the Victron Cerbo GX, you'll be able to easily measure this same information over time with the data logging functionality of Victron's Remote Monitoring system (VRM). 

Next, the RuuviTag Pro in two models. Both include a heavy-duty, quality enclosure for different applications:

The RuuviTag Pro 2in1 measures temperature and motion. It’s full enclosure makes this model waterproof. 

RuuviPro Waterproof

The RuuviTag Pro 3in1 has a little Goretex-like membrane, allowing humidity to be measured. 


The Bluetooth range of the Ruuvi is up to 200 meters (656 feet) but depending on where you're putting it (like around metal enclosures, concrete walls, or near water), that range will probably be lower so keep that in mind. 

There is no limit to how many Ruuvi's you can set up and start collecting data from (boiler room, greenhouse, solar freezer, you name it.) 

But, say you like these sensors so much that you want to set them up in all 3 of your vacation rental properties in different locations. The Ruuvi Gateway Router lets you do that and is really straightforward. 

Ruuvi Gateway Router

The Ruuvi Gateway works with all models of Ruuvi sensors, continuously relaying data from the sensors to the Ruuvi Cloud. It has a much better Bluetooth antenna and is documented to have a range of 2,000 meters (6,562 feet).   

When connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, you also get access to alarms that you can set up quickly and easily with the Ruuvi Gateway app. 

Fun fact: Using the Ruuvi Gateway gives you more access to the other sensors on the Ruuvi. For example, you can use the motion sensor to send you an alarm when the mailbox is opened or when a burglar tries to steal your van Gogh. 

A special web dashboard for the Gateway complements the Ruuvi Station mobile app. Here, real-time sensor data can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. You can set up email alerts from this dashboard. This is similar to the functionality of the VRM Cerbo solution outlined in the previous blog but is specific to Ruuvi. You can even set up both if you want to without any problem.

There are so many practical applications for these sensors. Some recent ideas from our customers: 

  • Medicines refrigerator in an EMT vehicle 
  • Outside weather conditions on a construction site
  • Return air temp on an HVAC system 
  • Boiler water temp
  • Domestic hot water temp
  • Crawl space temp and humidity 
  • Under-sink temp in freezing, part-time use cabin
  • Humidity in various compartments on a boat 
  • Refrigerator and external temperature sensors in an RV or Sprinter van
  • Battery temperature sensing for remote surveillance system 
  • Medium-term avionics storage monitoring 
  • Refrigeration trucks 
  • Room temp in baby's nursery 

The open-handed nature of the Ruuvi and its open-source development options allow curious minds to create custom IoT solutions. As a result, Ruuvi sensors are used all over the world for custom products. 

For the everyday Joe or Jill, however, they are very easy to use in their standard form, and the fact that they integrate seamlessly with Victron is a considerable advantage.

Check out Ruuvi's website and helpful FAQ page for frequently asked questions.

For more information on the Ruuvi sensor and its integration with Victron products, read our blog article on setting up relay 2 to control temperature on a Cerbo GX.

Have questions about your specific use case or the hardware itself? Shoot me a message at

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