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  • Like the MultiPlus, the Quattro is an all-in-one inverter, battery charger, and transfer switch. While the Multiplus has a single AC input, the Quattro has two independent AC inputs; for example, shore-side power and a generator, or two generators. Quattro inverter/chargers can be configured into a variety of systems, including an Energy Storage System (ESS) or an AC-coupled system. Contact us to learn more.

    The Quattro is available in 12V, 24V, and 48VDC—models in the US range from 3000VA to 15000VA. Up to 6 Quattro inverter charger can operate in parallel in three-phase or split-phase configurations to meet power requirements for large off-grid homes or businesses – taking you off-grid, with virtually limitless power. 

    Key features: 

    • A true sine wave inverter with adaptive charging and hybrid PowerAssist technology.
    • Ready for use with LiFePO4 batteries and a variety of other battery chemistries. 
    • Change settings in minutes using VE.Configure software on a computer or laptop with an MK3-USB interface
    • Several monitoring and control options, such as Cerbo GX, laptop, computer, Bluetooth (with the optional VE.Bus Smart dongle), Battery Monitor, and Digital Multi Control Panel, are available.
    • Using a Cerbo GX or other Victron GX device, connect your system to the internet to remote access your system, update settings, and monitor performance data from your phone or laptop using VRM, Victron's free remote management portal.


  • The Victron Quattro line of Inverters/Chargers are ideal for allowing you to build your power capacity in stages. These powerful units can provide single-phase power with a single unit, 120V/240V split-phase power with a pair of units, and even 3-phase power for more complex systems. You may also stack them in parallel for even more power. Up to 6 Quattro 48/5000 Inverter/Chargers can be stacked in parallel to provide 30,000VA (that’s up to 60,000W of Peak Power), and in a large multiphase system, you can design up to 120kVA in inverter power with more than 1600A of charge capacity.

    What's in a name? Victron’s naming convention outlines the system's potential based on its design. 

    Example: Quattro 48/5000/70-100/100 120V VE.Bus

    • 48 Volt DC battery
    • 5000 Volt Amps continuous power rating
    • 70 Amp DC battery charger 
    • 100 Amp AC pass-through transfer relay
    • 120 Volt AC inverter
    • VE.Bus is the inverter's communication protocol

    Have you looked at comparable models (same voltage, same power)? Read our Victron Energy Inverter/Charger Buyer Checklist.

  • Peak Power Capacity

    The amount of power defined in the model number is only half of the peak power capacity. A Quattro 48/5000/70-100/100 120V has 5,000VA of continuous load capacity, but up to 10,000W of peak power is available. It can even handle those high startup loads from crucial systems like water pumps and shop equipment.

    “Power Assist”

    The “Power Assist” feature of the Victron Inverter/Chargers means that you can supply more power to your loads than your grid feed, generator, or DC-based ESS can provide on their own. By supplementing the incoming AC power with DC power, the Quattro (or MultiPlus) can provide extended periods of power beyond its continuous load capacity or the load capacity of your backup generator.

    Efficiency in Standby

    These units are highly efficient. The zero load standby power usage of a Quattro 48/5000 120V model is only 35W - that’s less power than a small laptop. If you know you’ll have long periods in which you won’t be using your stored energy, the Quattro can be put into “Search Mode.” This can lower the zero load usage by as much as 70%, down to only 15W. That’s less power than you use to charge your phone!

    Which Quattro is the best solution for your energy system? Ask us. We're here to help. 


System schematics

How this off-grid prepper powers his home & greenhouse

Marty and Leslie use Victron Energy equipment to power their off-grid house and a 3-phase system for a lumber equipment business. He has lots of solar energy and will use excess power to heat underground water-fed pipes in his greenhouses to grow fruit and vegetables year-round. Not your average homesteaders, Marty and Leslie show what's possible to do with Victron equipment and a lot of hard work!

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