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Ruuvi Sensor Measurement Kit

by Ruuvi
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There are so many wonderful, practical applications for Ruuvi sensors.

For those looking to play with all the toys in the toy box, the Ruuvi Sensor Measurement Kit includes three high-quality wireless sensors, an Ethernet/Wi-Fi router and various accessories.The Gateway router continuously relays data from the sensors to the Ruuvi Cloud where that data can be reviewed from Ruuvi's web dashboard or mobile app.

What makes Ruuvi so groovy? Ruuvi sensors can be connected via a Bluetooth adapter to the Victron Cerbo GX to control things (like trigger a buzzer when a critical mechanical room gets too hot or cold.)

Real-time sensor data can be viewed on Victron's GX Touch screen and pushed up to the cloud with Victron’s Remote Monitoring service (VRM). Once configured, you can also trigger alarms inside VRM to send an email notification if a sensor reports an environmental change or motion that's not desirable.

Highly customizable to your home or business setting, this kit provides everything you need to make measuring your world fun and easy. Kit includes:

RuuviTag Sensor 4in1 (temperature, air humidity, air pressure, motion) x 2
RuuviTag Pro Sensor 3in1 (temperature, air humidity, motion)

Ruuvi Gateway Router

Silicone Case for RuuviTag x 2
Stand for RuuviTag x 2
Fabric Zippered Pouch for Ruuvi Tag x 2
2-Sided 3M VHB Tape for RuuviTag x 2
Ruuvi Notebook

Cloud Service
A free Basic plan is available, downgrading is always free of charge. Read more about Ruuvi's Cloud Pro subscription plans. 

Ruuvi Station mobile app and web browser dashboard

Also includes
Ethernet cable, power supply, power cable (USB-C), mounting screws, cable ties and user manuals.

All sensors come with CR2477 coin batteries included in the box. One battery usually lasts between 2 to 3 years in continuous use. The battery is easily replaceable by the user. Check how to change the battery here.

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