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Ruuvi Gateway Router

by Ruuvi
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The Ruuvi Gateway, designed to serve both individual consumers and businesses, offers remote monitoring for your Ruuvi sensors from anywhere in the world. Connect your Gateway to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, and you'll never again need to worry about being out of Bluetooth range. Ruuvi Gateway is fully compatible with all Ruuvi sensors, old and new.

To unleash the full power of Ruuvi sensors and Gateway, Ruuvi created a completely new web dashboard that complements the Ruuvi Station mobile app. From this dashboard, you'll be able to monitor all your sensors in real time, analyze their full history and modify Ruuvi Station alerting settings.

Dang, that's cool! Key features overview:

  • Easy start. No complicated configuration. Plug & play.
  • Superior antenna. Enhanced Bluetooth reception gives a better range than many other receivers.
  • Ruuvi cloud. Custom-made serverless cloud backend does the heavy lifting behind the remote monitoring.
  • Customizable. Advanced users can route data to their own backends using HTTP and MQTT.
  • Continuous development. Community powered testing and support makes the best open source software.
  • Works with all Ruuvi sensors. Compatible with old and new ruuvi sensors.
  • Home automation. Pair with home assistant and integrate with almost anything (an upcoming feature).
  • Open source. Firmware, backend, hardware and mobile apps are all open source.
  • Extendable features. Internal expansion boards with Ruuvi connector system are supported. Endless possibilities.

Package includes: Ruuvi Gateway, Ethernet cable, power supply, power cable (USB-C), mounting screws, user manual.

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