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Ruuvi Gateway Router

by Ruuvi
Original price $199.00 - Original price $199.00
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The Ruuvi Gateway acts as an independent router that continuously listens to and broadcasts data messages sent by your Ruuvi sensors. Plug & Play, the Ruuvi Gateway offers an excellent way to remotely monitor temperature, humidity, air pressure, or motion data from anywhere in the world.

Connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, the Gateway can communicate with 5, 10 even 25 Ruuvi sensors without a worry about staying within Bluetooth range. 

Ruuvi also created a beautiful web dashboard to complement the Ruuvi Station mobile app. From this dashboard, you can monitor all Ruuvi sensors connected to the Gateway in real time, analyze their full history and modify alert settings. 

A paid subscription plan for Ruuvi Cloud is entirely optional. Learn more here.

Purchase includes a Ruuvi Gateway, Ethernet cable, power supply, power cable (USB-C), mounting screws, and user manual.

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