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Scanstrut Horizontal Cable Seal | DS-H10-BLK

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Built for the harshest marine environments, this IP68-rated DS-H10-BLK Horizontal Cable Entry Seal by Scanstrut provides a secure and clean-looking roof penetration system for your camper van or RV. Perfect for securing routing cables for solar panels, light bars, interior and exterior lights, and other rooftop electronics.

The Horizontal Cable Seal is designed for a range of cable diameters, 6-10mm (0.24-0.39in), making it ideal for almost every installation.

Captive nuts make for easy assembly and also allow for reliable repeat installations. Each unit has pre-drilled and blank inner seals to make your installation easy.

Tapered bung forms a watertight seal. All units are supplied with a closed-cell base seal - 100% waterproof. The split-seal option does not require connector removal during installation.

Product highlights: 

  • Easy installation
  • 100% watertight seal 
  • Low-profile, impact-resistant construction that provides extra protection from water
  • Install without removing the cable connector 
  • Pre-drilled, blank, and split bungs included 
  • Made with UV-stable and hard-wearing materials
  • No messy sealant on bungs


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