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Scanstrut ROKK Wireless-Active Phone Charger

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Looking to ditch the charging cables? The Scanstut ROKK Wireless-Active is a waterproof, 12/24V wireless phone holder and charger ready for the most demanding outdoor environments. 

High-grip, self-aligning jaws ensure a tight hold on your phone in the optimum charging position. Perfect for boat consoles or any RV, van, or adventure vehicle dashboards. 

The 10W ROKK Wireless - Active features Qi-certified wireless charging technology and a "Smart" LED indicating the phone is charging. Throw in foreign object detection and thermal cut-off; you're guaranteed safe, reliable charging in all environments.

Compatible with wireless charging-enabled phones of all sizes from all major brands, including Samsung, Apple, and many more. Charging is also possible through non-metallic, waterproof cases.

Four screws secure the unit onto any flat surface with a simple installation guide and drilling template. A waterproof cable pass-through completes the IPX6 sealed installation. The charger is easy to clean and can be washed with fresh water. 

Product highlights: 

  • Simple installation
  • Fast, 10W charging
  • Sealed IPX6-rated waterproof unit
  • Qi-certified
  • High-friction grip
  • Single-handed docking
  • Foreign object detection system 
  • Thermal management system
  • Works with all phones and phone cases


Quick installation guides

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