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5 Ruuvi Sensors, 5 Problems Solved for an Off-grid Cabin Homeowner

5 Ruuvi Sensors, 5 Problems Solved for an Off-grid Cabin Homeowner

Robin's grid-independent log cabin has a small 5,000 VA Victron/Pylontech system and a significant woodpecker problem. Recently, she's installed a few Ruuvi Bluetooth sensors that allow her to measure temperature and humidity in critical areas of her home. 

Cabin Victron + Pylontech system

Situated in a shady canyon near Missoula, Montana, the cabin experiences week-long periods of below-freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall during the long winter months.

When the water table is high, an underground spring nearby can leak into the cabin's dank crawlspace, resulting in mold damage. "It's not nice down there; spiders everywhere, and it's hard to see what's really going on," says Robin. 

As a wannabe snowbird, she's concerned about leaving the cabin for 3 months at a time without being able to check in herself. 

Now she can do both (spend more time in Arizona and know what's going on at the cabin). Robin has attached a RuuviTag Pro 3in1 to a long string that she can toss into the dark crawl space. "That Ruuvi is tough," she says. With the Ruuvi Station mobile app, she can monitor the real-time temperature and humidity data straight from her iPhone. "I love not having to get on my knees to poke my head in with a flashlight 10 times a week in the spring. I think Ruuvi should supply a string on all Pro sensors," she says with a smile. 

RuuviTag Pro Sensor in crawl space

Robin wants to monitor the outdoor and indoor cabin temperature when she's away in Arizona. Like many of our customers, she is already using Victron's remote monitoring service (VRM) to remotely monitor her Victron inverter system.

Integrating the Ruuvi sensors into this setup is a match made in heaven. Her Victron Cerbo GX talks to the Ruuvis seamlessly and reliably. A TP-Link Bluetooth radio plugged into her Cerbo USB port gives her the best Bluetooth signal possible. 

Monitoring her system from Montana or Arizona, she'll be able to see live temperature and humidity data from the VRM dashboard. "When I'm away, knowing that everything is ok is worth a lot to me," says Robin.  

Cabin home

This past fall, Robin noticed water under her washing machine that was getting into the floor. She's had the washing machine serviced, and the service tech told her that there was no issue to be found.

But Robin does not trust this serviceman. So for $35, she installed a another RuuviTag Pro 3in1 below near the water pipe to measure humidity under the washing machine, saving her floor twice. "I'm kind of attached to that washing machine. If they can't fix it, this is the next best thing." 

For good measure, she also put a RuuviTag Pro 3in1 in a bucket under her kitchen sink and has set different alerts in VRM so that she receives an email notification when any of the sensors get wet or get too cold. 

Not yet satisfied, Robin zip-tied a RuuviTag 4in1 to the water pipe under the sink in the far corner bathroom of the house. "The temperature under that sink is critical in the winter. That's the coldest spot in the house, so if it gets below freezing outside, that'll be the first plumbing to freeze."

RuuviTag 4in1 under a sink

She usually leaves the kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors open while away, but sometimes invites the family in Arizona to come up and ski at the hill nearby. "Last winter, they left the cabinet doors closed, and when I got back in the spring, there was water everywhere. I either had to break ties with them or buy another Ruuvi!"

There you have it: Ruuvi keeps families together. 

Cabin in the winter

"Now, if only the Ruuvi could add some kind of shocking device, I could scare away those woodpeckers."

Think about, Ruuvi. Think about it.

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